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Nevertheless I realised it was awkward so I screamed at her asking what the hell she was doing! I came within 30 seconds or so and felt really weird.

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The noise roused me from my sleep, and it prompted me to get out of bed. I had seen her completely naked for no more than about two seconds, after which she had tried, with only partial success, to cover her breasts and pussy.

I sat up on the edge of the mattress, feet on the floor and mind turning over what had happened the night before. She had remained naked in front of me for about two minutes.

I wasn't sure what to say to her, after last night. He looked happy to see me but also a little embarrassed to be standing on the doorstep. He crossed the threshold into the house, a little awkwardly. I had the photo of her in shorts on the sofa, exposing her pussy. But I also had the photos I'd taken of her when we had been running together. Near the night table where her phone lay, she had stacked her panties. Some were black, some white, some red, some turquoise. Some were shiny, some plain, some lacy, some see-through.

Seeing her in front of me, I kept thinking about having walked in on her in her bedroom, naked. It had been his house, once, but now it was mom's, courtesy of their divorce agreement. And I had the photos I'd taken of her the night before, in the running outfit I'd bought her. "I understand." Mom's hands were in the sink, washing dishes in sudsy water. The stack of panties caught my attention and made me stop before I picked up the phone. I saw a pair with an opening in the gusset -- it wouldn't cover her pussy at all. Two-thirds of the way down the stack I pulled out a pale blue thong. Mom was tall, for a woman, but I was taller, and she was in bare feet, so she had to look up to me, and the sight of her eyes close and turned up toward mine stirred something in me. In some ways you play the role better than your dad did." I liked the way she said it.

Some time after that my father moved out of the house and it was just me and my brother and mother.

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