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Planning for a UEM Deployment There are a couple of questions you need to ask when deploying UEM.These are the main questions that come up from an infrastructure and architecture perspective, and they influence how the UEM file shares and Group Policy objects will be configured.So I'll phrase the same situation differently: not having other projects pointlessly trying to compete with glibc is how open source should work (but often doesn't).

These are a Self-Service Tool, which allows users to restore application configurations from a backup, and an Application Migration Tool.

The Application Migration Tool allows UEM to convert settings from one version of an application to another when the vendor uses different registry keys and App Data folders for different versions.

Over and over again the open source world has N versions of substantial projects that are essentially the same.

Oh, sure, there's almost always some reason, but if you take a few steps back and look at the overall pattern, it sure feels like Not Invented Here syndrome is at work at least a fair bit of the time.

The other support tool is the Help Desk support tool.

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