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During that time, however, Mike was working as part of an emergency response crew following bad flooding in Southern Laos, so there was plenty for him to talk about and for me to ask questions about.

So when you feel like you haven’t got much to talk about yourself, ask questions.

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During the foggy days of new motherhood, however, I often felt as though I had nothing to contribute to our conversation apart from an update on who was sleeping (or not), who was eating decently (or not), and who was spending what percentage of the day crying or needing to be held.

In fact, I often felt as if huge portions of my brain, my personality, and my professional life were on hold.

He was with me during the birth, and then left again for another couple of months three weeks later.

When we first met long distance, Mike and I used to talk for two to three hours on Skype several times a week about all sorts of interesting things.

And when I had too many conversations with Mike where I talked about nothing but the baby and how tired I was, I felt like my relationship was on hold, too.

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