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These oils contain a higher concentration of good fats apart from omega-3 fatty acids.

Ensure that you raise your intake of dairy foods, including medium-fat milk, curd, cottage cheese and butter.

You need to consume complex carbohydrates that are packed with more nutrients and provide a compact form of calories.

Avocados are packed with calories besides being rich in vitamin K and fiber.

Shop for granola bars and cookies and add them to your tea or milk time, using these as your snacking regulars as they are packed with healthy calories.

Calories gained from complex carbs like rice, potatoes, oatmeal, bananas, whole wheat pasta/pasta and beans provide energy reserve that aids uniform, healthy weight gain.

Most of us tend to feed upon nuts and seeds once the cold season is upon us.

Walnuts present the most amazing combination of healthy or monounsaturated fats apart from phytosterols and compounds needed for stimulating formation of nitric oxide which aids faster muscle recovery and muscular growth.

Omega 3 capsules online dating

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