Online dating email subject tips

by  |  24-Apr-2019 12:44

Our most recent subject header for our October newsletter was “7 ways to spread fall cheer in the workplace.” It was simple and short, but also intriguing because it didn’t give you all of the information up front.

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For this article, we asked experts to weigh in on what to think about when you craft your subject line.

Here are the top 25 email subject line tips from the pros: One tactic I like to incorporate in emails is the use of emojis.

Provide a cliffhanger that can only be satisfied by opening the email.

For example in sales, if a lead has gone cold, try “Our next steps”.

A recent A/B test of our email subject lines shows this in practice: Version 1: ‘A special offer just for you as a valued TOAD customer.’ – Open Rate 12.02% Version 2: ‘FLASH SALE from TOAD Diaries – High Quality, Section Sewn, Lined.’ – Open Rate 9.32% What I found works best for our email marketing campaigns is the shock & awe factor – but not in the traditional sense.

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