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Más informes en la oficina parroquial y al 948-04-75, de 9 a 13 y de 17 a 20 horas. Familia Integrada en Comunidad invita a participar en los Ejercicios Espirituales que el sacerdote jesuita Luis Narro ofrecerá del jueves 19 al viernes 27 próximos.

Más informes al 943-57-24, (Whats App) 9992-60-74-90 y correo [email protected] Taller.

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Baptized Catholics who did not receive instruction in the Catholic faith and did not complete the initiation process may receive instruction in the faith and prepare for the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist. Unbaptized persons must turn in a copy of their official (not hospital) birth certificate.

Baptized persons must turn in a copy of their baptism certificate.

A child may have two godparents, male and female only.

Godparents must be at least sixteen years old; not the parent of the child to be baptized (grandparents may be godparents); fully initiated Catholics (have celebrated the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Eucharist); be Catholics in good standing in the Church; if married, be in a valid Catholic marriage; and be practicing members of the Catholic faith.

Godparents must complete and sign the Godparent covenant as requested by the Diocese of Austin.

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