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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. For how easy is it to observe such, who would be accounted A 2 vi THE EPISTLE DEDICATORY. The different Censures of Strabo and ^Eratosthenes, concerning the poetical Age of Greece 3 and the Reasons of them. (2.) The oldest Histo- rians of Greece are of suspected Credit. Of most of their p Pdest Historians we have no- thing left but their Names; of others only the Subjects they treated of , and some . The Power of Christ's Miracles on many who did not thoroughly believe. Christ's Miracles made it evident that he was the Messias, because the Predictions wereful- filled in him. Of the Demoniacs and Lunatics in the Gospel, and in the Primitive Church. But then withal, we are to consider, that they are but few whose souls are awakened out of that lethargy they are fallen into in this degenerate con*- dition : the most are so pleased with their sleep, that they are loth to disturb their rest ; and set a higher price upon a lazy ignorance, than upon a restless knowledge.About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. the most high and galhmt ipirits^ to •qusny on sitch: mean Ifireyis^ Mrhich only tend to satisfy their 'brat^ ish appetites^ or flesh revenge with the blood of such who have stood in the way of that airy tit^^ honour ! The Advancement of Poetry and ^ Idolatrif together in Greece. The Power of the Name of Christ over them largely proved by several Testimonies, VI. And even of those whose souls are, as it were, between sleep- ing and waking, what by reason of the remaining con- fusion of the species in their brains, what by the present dimness of their sight, and the hovering uncertain light they are to judge by, there are few that can put a differ^- ence between a mere phantasm and a real truth.

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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. L By the Right Reverend Fatbei^w 064'*- EDWARD STILLINGFLEET^Dsi).:. Or else they are so little apprebeasive of the inward worth and exoellency of hu DMm na- tarre^ that they seem to envy 4fae ga Hantry of pe»- cods:8, and strive to o Mvie ihem in the gaiety of their plumes ; such who arc^ as Seneca /saith, cnl skm/i Sudinefn parietum extrinseeus vu Jiiy who imi- ^te the walls of their houses in 'the fairness of Jfche otttsides, but matter not what nrbbishjdiere lies within. Of which these rational accounts may be given, viz.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I s ORIGINES SACRi E: OR A « RATIONAL ACCOUNT « OF THE GROUNDS OF NATURAL AND REVEALED RELIGION. The utmost of their amfaifdo Q is to attain 'i^nervatam felicit malieiou A, proud, and impaitient spirit? why so few pretenders to knowledge do light on truth. First, Wdnt of an impartial diligence in the search of it* (i.) Truth now must be sought, and that with care and dili^ gence, before we find it.

Of the Nature of the Argu- ments whereby we prove there is a God, Of universal Content, and the Evidence of that to prove a Deity and Immortality of Souls. Of Necessity of Existence implied in the JVb- tion of God ; and how far that proves the Being of God. The Order of the World, and Usefulness of tlie Parts of it, and especially of Man* s Body, an Argument of a Deity. Some higher Principle proved to be in the World than Matter and Motion. The Nature of the Soul, and Possibility ofi U subsisting after Death. Strange Appearances in Nature not solvable by the Power of Imagination, Page 325. And from this knowledge did pro- ceed tne^ving the creatures those proper and peculiar names which were expressive of their several natures.

BOOK without which he could not have improved them for ^' their peculiar ends.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. For if there be any such thing m the world as a true height and magnanimity of aprrit^'if there be any solid reason and depth of judgmeot^ tley;arfe not only consistent with, but only attaio^He by & true generousspirit of religion. From all which the great Evidence of the Power cf Miracles is proved. ie Evidences that tfus Scriptures could not be corrupted. If there had been rmerly so intimate an acquaintance betwoda the soul and truth, as Socrates fancied of friends in the other world, there would be an harmonious closure upon the first appearance, and no divorce to be after made between them. BOOK True; but then we must consider there is an interme- ^' diate state between the former acquaintance and the re- newal of it, wherein all those remaining characters of mutual knowledge are sunk so deep, and lie so hid, that there needs a new fire to be kindled, to bring forth those latent figures, and make them again appear legible.

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