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Radio Ain Temouchent FM is an Berber language (Kabyle) Music and News Radio Station in Algiers.

It is a great mix of jazz, blues, folk, world and classical music channel which available globally on 97.6 frequency.

The Spaniards left Algiers in 1529, Bujia in 1554, Mers El Kébir and Oran in 1708.

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Both cities were hold until 1792, when they were sold by the king Charles IV to the Bey of Algiers.

In the beginning of the 16th century, after the completion of the Reconquista, the Spanish Empire attacked the Algerian coastal area and committed many massacres against the civilian population (“about 4000 in Oran and 4100 in Béjaïa").

When the Western Roman Empire collapsed, Berbers became independent again in many areas, while the Vandals took control over other parts, where they remained until expelled by the generals of the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian I.

The Byzantine Empire then retained a precarious grip on the east of the country until the coming of the Arabs in the eighth century.

The show line-up based on Moujaz Mahali, the economic magazine, Good evening children, face to face programs.

Radio ain temouchent online dating

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