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Now, they have returned to Toyama, where we find our heroes and the Warlords walking down the streets... At that moment the Ronins and Warlords breathed a sigh of relief . Sal walked over and sat on the couch next to the girl who was there, and she was dressed in purple. " Kento screamed as he charged Vegeta, who had landed. "It's so good to go outside and walk the streets of Toyama and not have to worry about someone trying to kill us off." Ryo remarked. The Warlords looked at each other as if to say, "How'd she know? He introduced himself and she did the same, saying her name was Ran. "Getting back to our problem with you, because we lost funding, we had to dig up some serious cash to get Trunks over to the US and hire him a voice actor! He quickly teleported directly behind Kento and nailed him with a kick in the back, sending him flying. Piccolo was attempting to remove all his weighted clothing . " The blast slammed into Piccolo, who laughed maniacally. Allow me to show you how it's done." he said deviously.

Remember the evil corporate businessman and his minions who have devoted their lives to ripping off sentai, writing cartoon theme songs, and getting rid of us or making us politically correct in every way, whichever comes first? Apparently all the Warlord's fears save one had come true. " She was dressed almost completely in different shades of blue, with shorts and a T-shirt. Dais meanwhile was tangling with the three-eyed terror that was Tien "You are no match for me." Dais said.

One was watching a video of Sailor Moon, another was reading, another was eating, and yet another was trying quite badly to hide a small crystal . While it did not hit it's sender, it slammed into Goku, pissing him off.

A gold light erupted from him and his hair turned gold to match it. "More than you know." Vegeta said as he manifested a big ass energy bolt and sent it screaming into the Ronins . Which angered Trunks even more and he went Super Saiyan as well.

A snake of water flew off into blackness, and points of energy appeared. " she shouted, sending energy bolts raining down on Trunks, nailing him. "No one crosses a Saiyan and lives to tell about it! Various Dragonball characters remarked that they had.

So the girls went home to change and the Ronins headed back to Mia's mansion to get ready as well. Ran and Sal made a mad dash for the water and almost immediately dove in.

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