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A year later, he reprised his role on (2006) cast member Bergmann calls his “nemesis”– over something that isn’t quite clear (who has a louder voice? “I have a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck, a house and 30 companies,” he says.As embarrassed as Bergmann is by the comment today, he wasn’t bluffing.

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They were having a blast, she recalls, and unlike the people they were filming, didn’t face any of the pressure to perform, act, or dress for a national audience.

In 2014, Alcaide launched a production career of her own.

Now 40 (and sober), Alcaide has chopped off the long, black hair she donned on the show, and avoids talking about it when she doesn’t have to. S., didn’t know she was dating a reality star until the two had been together for nearly a year.

When she first joined the (she did four of them), Alcaide struck up a conversation with some of the camera crew.

, have brought together some of the most memorable reality TV hookups.

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