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The Discovery levels do not apply in different regions of the two islands.

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Licenses are earned for each of the aforementioned car classes and doled out as the story progresses.

Character challenges are found at set places around the map and only show up for a set period of time each day in-game.

Challenges consist mainly of races in the game, which are divided into different classes and subclasses that restrict your choice of car - C (classic) races, A (standard) races, and B (off-road) races, with decreasing numbers for each indicating the relative speed of the cars in question.

A class ranges from 1 to 7, with 7 being the slowest cars such as the Volkswagen Golf GTi or Alfa Romeo Mi To.

Points can be attained for discovering new roads around the islands, finding different locations, finding photo spots, and finding wrecked cars.

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