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The bulk of contemporary Taiwanese aborigines now live in the mountains and in cities.The indigenous peoples of Taiwan face economic and social barriers, including a high unemployment rate and substandard education.In addition, several aboriginal communities have become extensively involved in the tourism and ecotourism industries with the goal of achieving increased economic self-reliance and preserving their culture.

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These languages are of unique historical significance, since most historical linguists consider Taiwan to be the original homeland of the Austronesian language family.

Taiwan's Austronesian speakers were formerly distributed over much of the island's rugged central mountain range and were concentrated in villages along the alluvial plains.

are the indigenous peoples of Taiwan, who number more than 530,000 and constitute nearly 2.3% of the island's population.

Recent research suggests their ancestors may have been living on Taiwan for approximately 5,500 years in relative isolation before a major Han immigration began in the 17th century.

Despite recent changes in the field of anthropology and a shift in government objectives, the Pingpu and Gaoshan labels in use today maintain the form given by the Qing to reflect aborigines' acculturation to Han culture.

Searching online people dating madagasikara site

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