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The disturbing trend comes at a time when Marta has been forced to cut many of its services to trafficking victims, including a safe house and emergency hotline, due to a lack of funding.

A damning February 2009 report undertaken by Marta examining issues around trafficking found that successive government policies often exacerbated the trauma felt by victims and actually hindered their rehabilitation and reintegration.

Several Republican presidential candidates are promoting the idea of a flat tax -- a system where everybody pays the same tax rate.

The idea of a flat tax isn't all that novel or original. Latvia is on the path to adopt the euro starting in January 2014. Host Marco Werman speaks with Ivo Daalder, who was US ambassador to NATO until last year.

The European country has eight percent more women than men, and guys between ages 30 and 40 have a mortality rate three times higher than their female counterparts.

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