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This guide represents an effort to simplify the work of all researchers who are interested in using this wonderful resource for writing Rhode Island history. For researchers looking for a specific sort of content, it might be best to browse through the records for individual diaries.

Diary research can be frustrating because of the time required to evaluate the source. All of the diaries have at least been skimmed for various categories of content and particularly interesting or representative passages have been transcribed. For organizational purposes, the woman’s name at her death was used.

These include: Three Swedish-American women: One might also wish to count the Herreshoff family as "ethnic," as the founder of the family emigrated from Prussia in 1795.

However, as he stepped almost directly off the boat and into the arms of one of the richest Yankee families in Providence, he would hardly qualify as one of the huddling masses yearning to breathe free.

The remaining working-class diarists all wrote in the twentieth century.

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