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Schwann cells that remain after nerve degeneration apparently determine the route.

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This action potential is going to be conducted along the length of the fiber by cause the next adjacent space to open voltage-gated sodium ion channels to open.

So as we go from left to right, sodiums are entering the cell due to these voltage-gated sodium ion channels opening up and meanwhile, to the left of it, the potassiums are going out. This idea of sodium coming in and potassium going out, is going to repeat constantly so it appears to keep moving the electricity through the fiber.

AB - Damselfish neurofibromatosis is a naturally occurring disease of a tropical marine fish species.

The ranges of time constants for open times irrespective of conductance were 0.26-9.3 msec in patches from normal cells and 0.60-0.73 msec in patches from tumored cells. Inactivation time constants from ensemble averages of single channel currents averaged 83 ± 46 msec for normal SC and 44 ± 26 msec for tumored SC, which were not significantly different.

When you cause a ripple to move across the surface of the water, the wave is moving along and each ripple is like sodium ions coming in and potassium ions coming out.

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