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Fortitude, which urges us on when difficulty stands in the way of our duty, is itself the heroic element in the practice of virtue ; it reaches its apex when it overcomes obstacles which to ordinary virtue are insurmountable. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.Temperance, which restrains us when passions urge us to what is wrong, comprises becoming deportment, modesty, abstinence, chastity, sobriety, and others. Such works are: the external profession of faith, strict observance of the Divine commands, prayer, filial devotion to the Church, the fear of God, the horror of sin, penance for sins committed, patience in adversity, etc.

Some remarks on the "proofs of heroicity" required in the process of beatification will serve to illustrate in detail the general principles exposed above.

As charity stands at the summit of all virtues, so faith stands at their foundation.

Such hope has its roots in a faith equally perfect. And I live, now not I; but Christ liveth in me" ( Galatians -20 ). Its type in heaven is the Divine Trinity in Unity; its highest degree in God's creatures is the beatific vision, i.e. On earth it is the fruitful mother of holiness, the one thing necessary, the one all-sufficient possession. John's Gospel and Epistles; the beloved disciple and the fiery missionary of the cross are the best interpreters of the mystery of love revealed to them in the Heart of Jesus. For this reason the works of charity in heroic degree have been, from the beginning to this day, a distinctive mark of the Catholic Church, the pledge of sanctity in countless numbers of her sons and daughters.

Abraham, the model of the faithful, is also the model of the hopeful "who against hope believed in hope. he was not weak in faith ; neither did he consider his own body now dead.. Charity inclines man to love God above all things with the love of friendship. With the commandment to love God above all Jesus coupled another: "And the second is like to it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Prudence, which enables us to know what to desire or to avoid, attains heroicity when it coincides with the "gift of counsel", i.e.

Thus the Divine mind itself is the type of prudence ; God using all things to minister to His glory is the type of temperance, by which man subjects his lower appetites to reason ; justice is typified by God's application of theeternal law to all His works; Divine immutability is the type of fortitude.

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