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As cannon fire boomed nearby, several of the magnificent birds perched, unbothered, as falling snow capped up a couple of inches high on their white heads.

The grounds this year fledged 85 young eagles from 65 active nests, the largest concentration of bald eagles in the northern Chesapeake, said Lynda Hartzell, the APG environmental protection specialist.

“All this would be townhouses and marinas and highly developed shoreline if not for our mission here,” she said.

The Army’s efforts “continue to be protective of human health and the environment in the short term,” according to a recent assessment by the U. Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees the cleanup.

Ironically, the contamination has limited human activities and created a virtual wildlife refuge across thousands of acres.

On this late September day, we’re on Carroll Island in Baltimore County, toward the proving ground's southern boundary, touring the installation from a habitat perspective.

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