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Far forward on the main deck, just aft of the bow, was the forecastle space where the ship's cook prepared meals for the crew; it may also have been where the ship's sailors slept.

The poop deck was above the cabin of Master Jones, on the ship's highest level above the stern on the aft castle.

The gun room was in the stern area of the gun deck, to which passengers had no access due to it being the storage space for powder and ammunition for the ship's cannons and any other weapons belonging to the ship.

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Aft on the main deck in the stern was the cabin for Master Christopher Jones, measuring about ten by seven feet (3 m × 2.1 m).

Forward of that was the steerage room, which housed a whipstaff (tiller extension) for sailing control; not a wheel, as in later ships.

The poop house was on this deck, which may have been for passengers' use either for sleeping or cargo.

On normal merchant ships, this space was probably a chart room or a cabin for the master's mates.

It is not known when and where the Mayflower was built, but it is likely that she was launched at Harwich in the county of Essex, England.

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