The village sex chat

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The village women protested this breech of public decorum as well, but to no avail.

In no time, the sisters' oral ministrations had both holes sopping wet and ready for cock, and so it was time to commence with the festivities.

First up was Sanye, because he possessed the smallest penis in the village (Ya-ya had also insisted that the largest, most destructive pricks be held back until the end so that Duumi's okole could be stretched slowly and her rectum greased with copious amounts of cum before any serious damage could be done; I agreed because I knew that Duumi has a tight little bottom-hole, although it was certainly not a virgin one as I had used it many times myself, usually while she was experiencing her monthly bleeding).

Two weeks earlier the same court heard a case in which a 25-year-old man was accused of having sex with a goat.

In August, we told how teenagers in a rural Moroccan town were treated for rabies after reportedly raping an infected local donkey.

So, I dragged the haughty bitch by the hair out of our hut and marched her, stark naked, to the center of the village, the only one on our little island.

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