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He was subbed by Mir in a weird bent-arm lock where Tim's arm snapped, and he was half KO-ed when Arlovski heel-hooked him.

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I think he can survive for awhile on the ground against Monson. " He replied, "I am responsible for the massacre of millions" Satan said, "well done, sit to the right of my throne." In 1953, Joseph Stalin died and went to Hell. " He replied "I killed millions to stay in power" Satan said "good, sit to my left" 2010, Ronnie James Dio died and went to Hell, Satan asked, "why are you in Hell? "I think Monson is a much better grappler than Sylvia is (obviously)...

Most of Monson's grappling is based off ground control and positioning, and not as much in actual submissions, and though he's pretty good at that as well, he's not exactly Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera when it comes to finishing good fighters with submissions. but I don't think Tim is as awful on the ground as people seem to think.

Mir at grappling Mir is way the hell better at subs than Tim.

Nog is probably one of the most overrated MMA submission people of all time.

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