Tuesday tn dating

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Wait for a perfect day to roll the windows down and take the drive out to Arrington Vineyards.

Kix Brooks’ (of Brooks & Dunn) hillside winery and vineyard gives Nashville a taste of the wine country experience.

Bonus: you get to drive by John Rich’s gaudy-ass house, Mt. There’s just something romantic about the Hillsboro Village neighborhood for a date night option.

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After your float, just a 20-minute drive away, you can dine on the Cumberland, another local body of water, at the Blue Moon Waterfront Grill.

Show them you have a bit of a cultural side by taking in the latest exhibit at The Frist Center.

If music is the food of love, then Music City is... Whatever the case, our town is the birthplace of many songs about love, and love gone wrong -- and one can only assume those songwriters sourced a lot of inspiration from relationships they had here. To better ensure your next (or current) relationship doesn’t end up like a Carrie Underwood revenge ballad, try these 12 great Nashville date ideas.

A great starter date to get to know one another, you can catch some exercise and it’s public enough in case you still don’t know if they are certifiably insane.

Let’s face it, if they look good from this angle, you need to lock that down.

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