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And figured it was my web.config, I created a new project using the new "AJAX enabled web site" project type, and sure enough the web.config has a large number of customizations necessary to use the AJAX controls.I just updated that web.config with the web.config updates I had already made myself and dropped it into my existing project and everything worked fine.I was on a hunt to find a reason for the sys error, and the only solution that worked for me was to add Most CDNs are used to host static resources such as images, videos, audio clips, CSS files and Java Script.

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NET 2.0 but had already created my web project in Visual Studio.

When tried to create AJAX controls I kept encountering this error, I spotted Slace's and Mad Max1138s posts here.

The page in question had a scriptmanager to create the connection to a wcf service.

I added an extra method to the service and this error started appearing.

There is an issue in one of the components of IE6 that prevents it from loading compressed scripts correctly. You can also run "aspnet_regiis -s w3svc/1/root/My Web App" to only fix up the registration for your web application. Having isolated the problem I discovered through a comparison of my site's web.config with a brand new (working) test site that changing I solved this problem by creating separate ajax solution and copy and paste all ajax configuration from web.config to working project.

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