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If the mail is being sent to another domain, sendmail first uses DNS to get the MX record for the other domain.

It then attempts to relay the mail to the appropriate destination mail server using the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

More information can be found on Wikipedia or Google.

DKIM uses a private and public key pair for signing, the public key is stored in a TXT record in the DNS zone, similar to SPF.

The -s switch defines the name of a selector, it's used later in both configuration on the server and the TXT record.

This generates 2 files, based on the name of the selector, e.g.

Update and files: # cd /etc/mail # m4 Note: Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with the DNSEXIT mail relay username and PASSWORD. Add following lines to /etc/mail/(check if apropriate settings doesn't already exists): define(`SMART_HOST', `') FEATURE(`access_db') 3.

Updating sendmail cf

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