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The roof above seems weightless as it cantilevers beyond the shell on all sides.

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The limestone continues downstairs: The corridor that leads to the rest rooms has the solemnity of a catacomb. The day I visited, most people were up on the terrace, posing for souvenir photographs with the spaceship-like circular headquarters in the background, shrouded by trees.

Or in the eastern third of the shell, waiting in line to gaze upon a model of the campus.

This is the carefully staged segregation that greets you in Cupertino, where Apple this month debuted the lone public piece of its 175-acre corporate compound.

The surface details are dazzling, as often is the case with products from the brand that has made computer technology inseparable from daily life.

The reason for the line is that employees in red T-shirts hand out Apple Park-branded i Pads that allow you to scan the tabletop.

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