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“The problems Africa face today are completely different …

and are ‘civilisational’,” Mr Macron told a reporter from former French colony Ivory Coast. Failed states, complex democratic transitions and extremely difficult demographic transitions.” In a lengthy reply, Mr Macron also listed issues including Islamist terrorism, drugs and weapons trafficking but said there were examples showing the “continent is a land of opportunity”.

Siddhartha Mitter, writing for Quartz Africa, noted that Mr Macron’s claim that women have “seven to eight children” on average is an extreme observed only in Niger, where the figure is disputed.

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Françoise Vergès’ book also highlighted abuses by white French doctors who sterilised black women and induced abortions without their consent in the colony of Reunion in the 1970s.

“Third World women are made responsible for underdevelopment [but] most studies show today that it is underdevelopment that causes overpopulation,” she said.

“The theory of overpopulation also avoids questioning the role of colonialism and imperialism in poverty.” Observers also criticised Mr Macron for referring only to “Africa”, rather than specific nations, ignoring huge differences across the world’s second largest continent.

Writing for South Africa’s Daily Vox website, Mishka Wazar said: “Africa is not a country.

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