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The administration would prefer that Congress legislate 'trigger points' that will set off automatic sanctions if they are violated.

Trump had been hinting that he would take steps to either renegotiate a deal - something that Tehran says is off the table - or scrap it entirely for weeks in anticipation of the Oct. It was the administration's push for amended oversight legislation that was kept tightly under wraps.

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He did not demand Congress re-impose nuclear sanctions that would effectively end the United State's participation in the multi-nation agreement spearheaded by Barack Obama's administration yet warned that he could use his authority to cancel the deal at any time.

Trump said his administration would be slapping Iran's Revolutionary Guard with tough new punishing actions for terror financing, though.

They have not treated us with the kind of respect that they should be treating.

They should have thanked Barack Obama for making that deal,' Trump said.'They were gone. He infused $100 to $150 billion into their economy. And they should be, "Thank you, President Obama." They didn’t say that.'The Republican president said more than once as as candidate that he would rip up the Iran deal because it's unfair to the U. He told reporters Friday afternoon, 'I may do that.''The deal is terrible.

So what we've done is, through the certification process, we'll have Congress take a look at it, and I may very well do that. law, Trump was required to notify Congress by Sunday whether Iran was complying with the accord that was negotiated over 18 months by the Obama administration and determine if it remains a national security priority.

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