Who is richie sambora dating 2016

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Richie’s hit singles from different albums includes Ballad of Youth, Stranger in This Town, Undiscovered Soul; I'll Always Walk Beside You and Sugar Daddy.Richie Sambora, being a rock star he has a long list of dating history.Just days after the guitarist was pictured with sultry Yasmin Mitri, she purred to our reporter: “I really like sex. Using the name Genevive, Mitri is described as “a professional published model” with a 32DD-22-34 figure who charges £1,000 an hour or £5,000 for the whole night.

I think they’re gonna expect this, like, giant guitar record, which [it’s] a little bit of that but, no, it’s just great songs and her and I singing together…So, it’s kind of like Sonny & Cher on steroids.” The couple has been dating for almost two years now, and appears to be going strong with this new collaboration.

As the former lead guitarist of Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora has plenty of experience in the music world, and Orianthi is considered one of the best female guitarists on the planet, so this new album will be a much anticipated collaboration between two very successful rock stars.

Showing recent emails from the 51-year-old guitarist, Mitri bragged: “He’s crazy about me.” After counting her £1,000 payment, the vice girl offered our man a lesbian show, saying: “It depends on the girl really but I like girls.” In her bedroom, Mitri perched on her white satin duvet and began to peel off her dress.

Our man made his excuses and, as he left, glimpsed a hand-written card from Sambora on a basket of scented candles which read: “Yasmin, you’re the best.” Looks like the guitarist’s been strung along…

Within minutes Mitri, who came to the UK two years ago, began name-dropping her famous lover. He lives in LA but we speak to each other all the time and he sends me presents.” Sambora has amassed a £40million fortune from hits including Livin’ On A Prayer and You Give Love A Bad Name.

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