Wowhead glyph of intimidating shout

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For leveling, at low levels, we recommend stacking as much Stam as is possible.

Mastery is a pretty good stat for any Warrior these days Haste seems to be the least valuable stat for all Warriors, though it’s gotten some bumps.

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Stats that are more specific can be found on the individual guide pages. Warlords of Draneor did away with Hit and Expertise.

One the high level gear Pv P and Resilience are both gone, though you can find them on lower level gear.

Safeguard – Run at high speed towards a party or raid member, removing all movement-impairing effects upon you, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack made against them and reducing their damage taken. Avatar – You transform into an unstoppable colossus for 20 sec, increasing your damage dealt and causing your attacks to generate extra Rage.

While transformed you are immune to movement impairing effects.

With the builds and notes on these pages we will game has continued through Mists of Pandaria. Changes: The changes that Warlords brought are here, and the 6.2 changes are here. A box will pop up asking if you want to pay the price (one dose of the appropriate dust/powder/tome).

Wowhead glyph of intimidating shout


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