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((Story Contest Rules: Please note the story must meet Fillydelphia's rules for content and it must be an original work. Submit your story to Shine/Celestia))The coronation will be held at the Royal Canterlot Palace, and is open to all ponied who wish to attend.The Castle grounds will be open all day to the public, beginning at dawn with a city-wide festival and ending in the evening with a banquet in the Royal Hall.It's not about role playing a certain aged child, it's about expressing those... because it's just an estimation based on their needs and emotions whereas if you ask an age-player how old they are, they'll tell you straight away.

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The chill in the air and the dark silhouette on the moon can mean only one thing, Nightmare Night has once again come to Equestria. Leave treats out for those who've passed beyond the Veil.

So don your costume and get your candy, but don't forget to make your offering to the Nightmare Moon statue near the forests' edge, or October 31st - Nightmare Night begins! November 7th - Peace Observance, join in the feast at Town Hall to celebrate the coming of winter. You may submit scores for multiple characters seperately or submit all your points for a single character.

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