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He assures me that with no balance, there is no charge for this.

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Now, since I have not used my Chase card and have no balance I have not been opening my statements. February, I see a 10 dollar fee for "Credit protector" - Not!

"Payment Protector" and it has been charged to my card -now payment protector applies a 1 cent fee! They tell me both of these protection plans are 3rd party compaines and I must call them. I thought maybe with the reps heavy accent, he sold me both protection plans!

I have been receiving phone calls from this number continously for several weeks now. They never leave messages just continue to call at least 12 times a day, sometimes more often. But I am not happy with the service, with the work. His full is Terry L Bennett and I will provide the social security number if needed they all was forward to another after he left the home and I did contact about these matter that he cancel them so he needed to pay all of them for non-payment.

Chase did not work on time because they don't care. I don't want to hear about Chase no more in my life. He had them stop while they were been paid, or you may contact at this number I just opened my statement from Chase and was very upset when I noticed that they now charge a $10 service charge and have increased my minimum payment.

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