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However, NJH is charming, rapidly becoming a major star, and the only reason I finished. SSK is competent and can do well with a good writer and director, but she lacks range and depth as an actress and the charisma to attract a magical being like the god of NJH. He is such an acting genius, he did his best in this drama, but this drama was just so lacks of many things. i found it quite different from other series i have watched till now...wished yoon so A to become deity to become a diety to hold habeak's hand forever.. i have so many sad and little good things to say on this drama.They just abandoned his acting skill with lack of editing, bad music, terrible execution, exaggerating cinematography. Yet, I felt Nam delivered better than much of the cast.he came off just funny to me. And the lead actress' as a doctor looks completely hopeless. i really liked the title which made the drama interesting because the title reminded me of kamisama (for anime lovers) but it actually didn't met my expectations.In a drama, they are real people who have to act out nonfictional characters so of course their will be some difficulties in carrying out that task.

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This drama want to accomplish lots of things yet the execution was just so poor. I dunno, I really wanted to love it, but I don't even think Lim could save it..I would watch him in anything. If the director is not satisfied with their acting skill he will ask them to repeat it over and over again. i was disappointed especially when i expect too much on joo hyuk yet i manage to finish the drama it still made me cry and laugh and get hooked there are rising of emotions and plot twists and unpredictable scenes but then, the ending was just, an ending.

i loved the whole thing i never watched a tv show that made me cry and laugh this much and i have watched a lot of tv shows and i am new to watching jdrama and korean drama but this show made me want to explore more of about these type of dramas i hope theres a season 2 I have so many things to say abt this drama and for those who kept on bashing SSK. Do you think they want to act like that if the director wont agree it in the first place ? i didn't understand how she was destined to be his bride (says wiki) and i didn't bother understanding the ending.

And so a, I hate the part when shes crying or what( in the bridge when bi ryeom puts him in danger), it feels like shes not crying but instead moaning lol. ❤ I really liked this drama I know some People would dissagree with me however I think the bad ratings are the director's fault the actors really did a good job.

I hope I can see Nam Joo Hyuk acting somewhere else.

I honestly never read the manhwa so my expectation of the drama must not be bigger than the fans but still.... All in all, I can't understand why she became the bride when she was just a servant. I first started to listen to the song and I already in love with it.

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