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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Both men and women can post on any thread as long as they follow all posting rules. I'd also lose the part about not wanting anything to do with older women. You go on about wanting a "Christian" woman, then get into backrubs and 'wink wink' and "doesn't mean I'm easy"? The photos are useless, your viewer can't see what you look like. Otherwise, it either sounds like bragging or wishful thinking.

Even though I've been cursed with being born with a schlong and all, I'm going to give you my

Razvojačeni branitelj Orkan (po činu pukovnik) je u razgovoru za Nacional rekao kako posjeduje zbirku od oko 600-njak videokaseta te veliku količinu dokumentacije bivše tzv.Dio fotografija koje je u novom broju objavio tjednik Nacional pokazuje pripadnike UNPROFOR-a kako zajedno s četnicima poziraju i nazdravljaju ispijajući domaću rakiju.Spomenute fotografije ozbiljno kompromitiraju ulogu "plavaca" u Hrvatskoj, osobito uzme li se u obzir činjenica kako je misija UN-a u tadašnjim sektorima Sjever i Jug doživjela pravi fijasko. That would equal SEX in Internet language, ~looks~ You are 41? About me: The first couple of lines are viewable in a search. I ain't even going there with that one."If your not "into" Christianity it wont work" - If you aren't "into" your match, it won't work.


a traditional minded christian woman is not gonna make the 1st move on an internet dating site... Also, in general that type of woman is not going to respond well to the creepy sexual innunendos. You still need to add at least ONE picture where a woman can get a clear picture of what you look like.

Read the profile tips that are pinned to the top of this fourm and start over. EDIT: One last thought I had before I hit the sack tonight."own three homes (2 are rental homes)" - "homes" with wheels don't count man. OP, I am your age, NOT an older woman, yet I graduated HS in 1985. This profile might work if you listed your goal as “Intimate Encounter” for dating it does not come across well. Quite honestly, you need to read your own profile... "So don’t be shy, you’re not going to get a great boyfriend or husband waiting around wondering who is out there :) "Note..

Make your main picture at least CLOSELY look like something that is YOU.

How about picking something that doesn't freak the woman out right off the bat.

IVICA PANDŽA zvani Orkan ratni je zapovjednik jedne postrojbe Hrvatske vojske, a u domaćoj je javnosti poznat po koprodukciji filma Amarkord 2 kojeg je, u suradnji s Pavlom Vranjicanijem, montirao iz video materijala koje je prikupio od civila koje je rat zahvatio na kućnim pragovima.

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